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Ship of Fools gallery showing...

Over The April fools period I'll be showing some work alongside these other masters of the twisted visual...

"We show the bizarre and absurd works of 9 different national and international bizarre absurdists from near and far. Expect the unexpected and still you can't expect what is to be expected. Humor will be present and also a little functional and less functional nudity, nonsense & blah-blah, cucumbers & gherkins and flies & swatters, step right up, step right up!

With works of the dutch king of absurdism Gummbah, you can drop by in a cranky mood and he'll have you laughing all the way home. And we have our friends from Paris; the Guedin Brothers & Craoman with some new fresh images. We also have Jeroom, a belgium absurdist who creates characters like 'Jos, the moron egg' and Daniel Sparkes(UK), a.k.a. Müdwig with his disturbing style of surreal comic situationism.
But don't forget the works of  Martijn Konings(NL), Tangui Jossic(FR) and Wouter Diesveld(NL), Andrew James Jones(UK)."





5 March 2010 - 3 April 2010

The Ship of Fools Gallery
De Caballero Fabriek Saturnusstraat 60 Unit 81
The Hague, 2156 AH
United Kingdom
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